How To Treat Enlarged Testicles

If your testicles are swollen and possibly causing your pain, then you're probably wondering how to treat enlarged testicles. Naturally, you're worried about the boys. Is everything okay down there? And admittedly, it is a somewhat embarrassing topic to bring up with anyone but your doctor.

The testicles are the balls located inside of the scrotum. Swollen testicles are naturally uncomfortable at the least, and excruciatingly painful at the worst.  You should seek professional medical treatment immediately if you experience sudden or severe testicle pain. Testicle pain or swollen testicles may be due to injury, infection, abdominal inflammation or testicular torsion.

Symptoms to watch for that should raise alarm are: high fever, a lump in the scrotum, and skin that is hot or sore to the touch. Here is a quick guide to what might be wrong with and how to treat your enlarged testicles.

  1. A minor injury to the testicles may cause pain, soreness and swelling. Self-treatment options include:  wearing an athletic supporter; applying a cold pack (wrapped in a towel); soaking your scrotum in warm water to reduce inflammation; elevating your scrotum while lying on your back; taking an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen.
  2. There are a number of infections that may cause enlargement of the testicles. Among these inflections are epididymitisinflammation of the epididymiswhich is often caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea.  Orchitis is another term for swollen or inflamed testicles.  Other causes of swollen testicles include: the mumps virus; varicocele (enlarged veins in the scrotum); spermatocele (a cyst containing dead sperm cells); and hydrocele (fluid in the scrotum). These are all medical conditions which require treatment by a medical professional.
  3. A hernia may occur along the muscle wall of the abdomen, resulting in swollen tissue which gives the appearance of an enlarged scrotum. However, in the event of hernia, most of the pain will be centered within the abdomen and not the ball sac. This condition can be corrected with surgery.
  4. When testicle twisting occurs, it is known as testicular torsion, a condition commonly found in men between the ages of ten and twenty.  The testicles become cut off from the blood supply, resulting in tissue death, which can cause infertility. This is an extremely serious condition. Seek immediate medical help!
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