How To Treat Epididymis Lump

Men can learn how to treat epididymis lumps with the following medical and health remedies. The epididymis is a series of coiled tubes attached to the back of the testicles. It collects and stores sperm. A common cause of scrotal and testicle pain is epididymitis, an infection and inflammation of these coiled tubes.

Men with epididymitis may have a tender red lump or mass on the affected side of the scrotum. The small area where the epididymis is attached to the testicle often becomes tender and sore. Other symptoms include groin pain, enlarged prostate, and penile discharge. The following medications and recommendations are commonly used to treat an epididymis lump.

  1. Antibiotics For Bacterial Infections. Doctors prescribe antibiotic medications to clear up bacterial infections that cause epididymis lumps and swelling. Doctors often prescribe two different antibiotics because more than one infection can cause epididymitis.
  2. Antibiotics For STD Infections. When sexually transmitted diseases cause epididymitis, doctors prescribe specific antibiotics used to treat STD's. Doctors also treat the patient's sexual partners with the same antibiotics.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory And Pain Medications. Non-bacterial causes of epididymitis are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometimes a doctor will consult with a urologist to prescribe additional medications. Pain medications can help alleviate the pain and discomfort of epididymis lumps.
  4. Bed Rest, Scrotum Elevation, And Ice Packs. One of the best home remedies for treating epididymis lumps is bed rest. While lying in bed, a man should elevate his scrotum with a folded towel. An ice pack applied to the area can help with the swelling. To prevent skin damage, the ice pack should be wrapped in a thin towel.
  5. Temporary Sexual Abstinence. Men with epididymis lumps report painful intercourse and ejaculation. Doctors recommend temporary sexual abstinence until the epididymis infection is completely cleared.
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