How To Treat Epididymis Swelling

The following health and lifestyle remedies show men how to treat epididymis swelling. Epididymitis refers to testicle infection and pain caused by an inflamed epididymis, the tube at the back of the testicle that serves as sperm storage. Men all ages can develop epididymitis, but men in their twenties and thirties are most likely to experience the condition. 

Epididymitis is caused by bacterial infections, sexually transmitted diseases, or genital trauma. Symptoms include pain or discomfort in the testicles or groin, a swollen scrotum, fever and chills, penile discharge, and blood in the urine and semen. The following prescriptions and home remedies are popular ways to treat epididymis swelling.

  1. Taking Antibiotic Medications. Doctors prescribe antibiotic medications to combat bacterial infections that cause epididymis swelling. Many doctors prescribe two different antibiotics at once, since more than one infection can cause epididymitis.
  2. Taking Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Non-bacterial causes of epididymitis are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometimes a urologist will recommend other medications, too.
  3. Elevating The Scrotum. Scrotum elevation is another treatment for epididymis swelling. A folded towel can be placed under a man’s scrotum to raise it while he lies down.
  4. Wearing An Athletic Supporter. An athletic supporter works much better than boxers and briefs to support a man’s scrotum. This treatment for epididymis swelling may help alleviate some of the pain.
  5. Appyling A Cold Pack To The Scrotum. Men can tend epididymis swelling by treating the scrotum with a cold pack wrapped in a towel. Removing the pack every half hour or so will help prevent damage to the skin.
  6. Temporarily Abstaining From Sex. Sexual intercourse and ejaculation are painful for men with epididymitis. They should resume sexual activities only after epididymis swelling subsides and the infection has cleared.
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