How To Treat Gallbladder Attacks

Do you want to know how to treat a gallbladder attack?  It's been said that such an attack is as painful as childbirth but without the happy ending. If you've ever had a gallbladder attack, you probably want to avoid another one at all costs. It's possible that surgery might be necessary, but there are natural remedies you can try first to avoid both the expense and the problems associated with going under the knife or laser.

To try and relieve the symptoms of a gallbladder attack, you will need:

  1. Over-the-counter painkillers
  2. A heating pad
  3. Walking shoes
  4. Vegetable or fruit juice
  5. Olive oil and a lemon
  1. The first thing you might want to try to treat a gallbladder attack, is over-the-counter painkillers. If your pain still isn't  bearable, you can try asking your doctor for a prescription drug, but take care. If you have an addictive personality, you can get hooked on the pills, or, worse yet, there is the possibility of an overdose.
  2. Another way to try to treat a gallbladder attack is to use a heating pad. The pad should be placed under your rib cage on your right side. That's where your gallbladder is located. Don't fall asleep while using a heating pad since this can result in burns.
  3. Since gallbladder pain is sometimes alleviated by movement, you might try walking. Put on your walking or other comfortable shoes and take a short walk. If it's cold or raining outside, it's fine to just pace around your place.
  4. When your gallbladder pain has gone away for now, you might want to drink some fruit or vegetable juice. This can help with the inflammation which happens during the attack.  It will also help let your organs rest.
  5. You can do a cleansing with olive oil and a lemon to treat a gallbladder attack. A combination of around four tablespoons of olive oil that's followed by two tablespoons of lemon juice may be helpful. You should repeat this several times about every 15 minutes for around three hours.

If your gallbladder attacks continue, despite following the low fat diet that's suggested, you may have to seek medical advice. Gallbladder attacks are nothing to fool around with. You can get pancreatitis and that can be fatal. Rather than worry abut the next gallbladder attack, you might want to opt for surgery. With lasers, the incision is small these days and the recovery time is shorter. While you probably don't want to think about surgery, sometimes it's the best way to take care of a medical problem.

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