How To Treat A Girlfriend

If you are wondering how to treat a girlfriend, prepare for a lesson you will not soon forget.  Treating a girlfriend right doesn't only mean buying her dinner, a movie, or even a gift.  Treating a girlfriend right requires respect.  And if you don't have it, you just don't have her.  Respect, that's all it takes to begin a relationship and keep it going.  A word that can make or break any chances of remotely getting close enough to scratch her surface.  We will show you how to use it, understand it, receive perks because of it.  The wonderful world of respect, the highest form of treatment between a man and woman.

  1. Listen to her, word for word, sentence to sentence and try to understand her better.  Your ears should point their antenna towards your girlfriend's mouth and when the right moment begins to spark then you respond—after she's done speaking.  Meaning, do not interrupt her or change the subject unless appropriate timing.  Most girlfriends like a good ear and appreciate the focused attention.
  2. Keeping dates with a girlfriend shows that you can treat her time just as important as yours.  And you can't treat her at all if you are no longer dating. 
  3. Opening a door for a woman is an old fashioned game a man plays with his destiny.  And a destiny that usually appeals to women who desire having doors opened for them.  Treat your girlfriend like a woman and open the door for her.  If she complains that she's not helpless, tell her that you never thought she was.
  4. Don't boss her around chump, plain and simple.  Share the control and allow her to make decisions too.  If it is her mind you are falling for then allow her to use it, even when the ball is in your court.
  5. Compliment a girlfriend daily and come familiar with making her feel good about herself.  From hair, face, body to jewelry, outfit or attitude, complimenting is a great way to treat a girlfriend.  The polite thing to do for another, in any situation.
  6. Being flexible doesn't only take an exercise mat.  Try something new, something she wishes to try, including sexually.  Being flexible, for her, can offer a girlfriend her show and tell time as she shares something that may be a little out of character for you. 
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