How To Treat A Heart Patient With First Aid

It is imperative to learn how to treat a heart patient with first aid when caring for a heart patient. Time is not on a health patients’ side. If a person is experiencing a heart attack, the longer you wait to seek medical attention could cause the person severe heart damage. There are treatments that can only be done by trained medical staff for heart patients. It is important to get the blood supply restored to the heart as quickly as possible; this is why it is imperative for individuals to act fast.

  1. Call 911. The first course of action is easy, pick up the phone and dial 911, or your closest emergency responders for your area. Be specific about what is going on with the heart patient. It is important to be able to tell the 911 operator, or your areas emergency responder what the patient’s symptoms are, and where you are located. The operator may have the person providing care for the patient to begin CPR.  If needed the emergency operator will walk the person through it. It is important to remain calm. Make sure the EMS responders are provided with the correct location of the patient.
  2. Loosen Tight Clothing. If the person has on any clothing that is tight, loosen the clothing so they will feel more comfortable.
  3. Ask about medications. Find out if the individual is taking any heart medications. If they are it is important to find out if the medication is nearby. The person may have nitroglycerin, if so, help them take it under their tongue. It is not advised to give the patient any other medications that have not been prescribed.
  4. Keep the patient calm. It is imperative to keep the heart patient calm until the emergency responders arrive. Individuals experiencing chest pains tend to become very excited, and afraid. Keep the person calm to avoid over working the heart; this can prevent the heart from having more severe damage.


Heart Attack First Aid



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