How To Treat Impotence In Young Men

Information on how to treat impotence in young men is not as readily available as treatment option details for older men suffering from the condition. In many cases, the treatment of impotence in men in their 20’s and 30’s is not related to a medical condition as it often is in older men and can be more difficult to diagnose a cause. Unfortunately, because of embarrassment or lack of understanding, many young men do not seek treatment for impotence. With an understanding of erectile dysfunction and the treatment options available to young men, the condition can be treated quite effectively.

  1. Learn about the causes of erectile dysfunction in younger men. As mentioned, impotence in younger men is not commonly caused by a medical condition as it is in older males. Instead, erectile dysfunction in young men is often caused by stress and anxiety or lifestyle choices, such as excessive drinking, smoking, recreational drugs or a poor diet. While impotence may not be the direct result of a medical condition, it can sometimes occur as a side effect of prescription medications as well. 
  2. Seek the advice of a physician before self treating impotence. The physician will conduct a physical exam to rule out any underlying medical concerns and may refer the patient to a specialist or a sex therapist if necessary. If impotence is caused as a medication side effect, the physician may suggest an alternative prescription if available. In most cases the physician will not prescribe commonly used erectile dysfunction medications for younger men as these may cause additional problems later in life. Instead, in the absence of a medical cause for the condition, the physician will discuss the patient’s lifestyle and make recommendations that can be accomplished at home.  
  3. Basic lifestyle changes are often required to treat impotence in young men. Obesity and drug or alcohol abuse affect the body’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Incorporating a balanced diet and limiting or eliminating drugs and alcohol may ease the condition and will certainly lead to healthier lifestyle.
  4. Conquer the psychological aspects of erectile dysfunction. Today’s society is a busy and stressful place for young men. Young men are still finding their places in the world, whether that’s with an upstart career or establishing roots in a new city or developing a relationship with a new love interest. Life stressors, combined with sexual inexperience or even anxiety about a potentially unplanned pregnancy can lead to a young man’s struggle with impotence. Learning how to effectively manage stress and anxiety with individual stress relievers is important to the treatment of impotence. Exercise, meditation, or massage therapy may work well to relieve stress for some while others will require other techniques. 
  5. Discuss the condition with your partner. Such discussions and admissions may be more difficult for younger men than older men to approach. However, it is a necessary step, especially if the problem lies in a fear of pregnancy or in concerns about the relationship or in perceived sexual expectations. Remember that your partner is affected by the condition as well and will benefit from sharing her feelings and concerns with you. The problem may be easily resolved or require the aid of a sex therapist or a relationship counselor.
  6. Consider alternative medicine as treatment for impotence. Alternative treatments, such as stress reducing herbs, are often considered safer than traditional medications in the treatment of impotence in younger men. Herbs such as Yohimbe and Ginseng are frequently used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction with varying degrees of success. Before beginning an herbal treatment, the plan should be discussed with a physician to avoid any unwanted interactions with prescription medications or other medical conditions.
  7. Avoid stressing about erectile dysfunction. While this is certainly easier said than done, avoidance and worry over the condition only worsens it by increasing stress and anxiety. It is important to discuss the situation with your partner, seek medical treatment and try various treatment options. Erectile dysfunction affects young men in many walks and stages of life. There is no embarrassment in seeking treatment. It is far better to address and conquer the condition than to let it persist and conquer the sexual health of the sufferer. 
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