How To Treat An Infected Nose Ring

When most of us are asked how to treat an infected nose ring, our first suggestions are to use a popular skin ointment or hydrogen peroxide. These products are widely used but may not be the best treatment for an infected nose ring. What most people don't know is that these products will actually slow down the healing process because they dry out the skin around the nose ring and cause an increase in irritation – not to mention the pain. Here is a homeopathic and more natural way to treat your infected nose ring.

This is what you will need to clean and treat your infected nose ring:

  • tea tree oil
  • water
  • cotton balls or cotton swabs
  • olive oil
  • oil of oregano( cold pressed essential oil)
  • small capped one ounce bottle with a dropper
  1. Clean the infected area. You can find the tea tree oil, oil of oregano and bottle at your local health food store. Follow the dilution instructions on the bottle for the tea tree oil. Making sure that your hands are clean, take a cotton swab or cotton ball and clean the wound at the entry point of the nose ring on both the inner and outer sides with the tea tree oil solution. Try and clean as much of the infected area as possible taking care not to dislodge or remove the nose ring. Warning: Never remove an infected nose ring until it is entirely healed because the piercing may close and encapsulate your infection. This will ensure a trip to the Doctors' office
  2. Mix the oil solution. Measure one ounce of olive oil and pour into bottle. Take the oil of oregano and put three drops of the oil of oregano in the bottle.  Warning: Never use pure oil of oregano or any essential oil directly on skin as it may burn your skin. Shake well. 
  3. Start your treatment. Gently dab the nose ring around the infected area once again dabbing the inner and outer side of nose ring. Repeat three times a day. Once in the morning , middle of the day and before bed.  This treatment can be used until the infection has healed.

Oregano Oil May Protect Against Bacteria


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