How To Treat Kennel Cough

Looking for information on how to treat kennel cough? Kennel cough is transferred from dog to dog and actually consists of several different bacterial diseases. Basically, kennel cough is the same as a human having a common cold. However, kennel cough is highly contagious, which means you should keep your dog away from other dogs while treatment is ongoing. Kennel cough got its name because it can frequently be transferred from dogs that are staying in kennels.

To treat kennel cough, you will need:

  • PetAlive KC-Defense Formula
  • Pediatric Robitussin
  • Vicks
  1. Immune System Boosting. One way to treat kennel cough is to boost your dogs immune system. This can be done by ensuring that your dog is eating and drinking properly while he or she is suffering from kennel cough. If your dog is having a hard time eating due to having a sore throat from kennel cough, give your dog wet food. PetAlive KC-Defense Formula is also a great immune booster for dogs that are suffering from kennel cough.
  2. Cough Suppressant. In many cases, kennel cough will pass on its own. However, while your dog has kennel cough, he or she will obviously be coughing. To treat the coughing, you can give your dog Pediatric Robitussin four times per day. You should check with your veterinarian before giving your dog a cough suppressant to make sure that he or she is healthy enough for it and to get an exact dosage. To avoid overdosing, never give your dog more than half of a teaspoon of Pediatric Robitussin as a treatment for kennel cough.
  3. Vicks Treatment. Kennel cough may produce mucus in dogs. To help your dog pass the mucus, you can vaporize a bathroom with Vicks and place your dog in the bathroom for twenty minutes two times a day. You should only use Vicks as a treatment for kennel cough for four to five days.

Tip: There is no substitute for veterinary care. If your dog has a severe cough, is throwing up, or producing large amounts of green mucus, you should have your dog seen by a veterinarian.

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