How To Treat Left Testicle Pain

If you are suffering from pain in your left testicle pain, you will be glad to know it is easy to learn how to treat left testicle pain. There are a few reasons a man might develop such pain, but the most common reason for left testicle pain is epididymitis, a type of bacterial infection, Proper treatment of left testicle pain is important, so the pain does not get worse.

To learn how to treat a testicle ache, you will need:

  • ice
  • bed rest
  • a warm bath
  1. You need to make sure that your left testicle pain is really caused by epididymitis. It is important to make sure the pain is not caused by a torsion. You   can simply check if your left testicle pain is caused by torsion by elevating your scrotum. If the pain subsides when you gently lift your balls,  it is most likely epididymitis, But, if the pain increases, or start to feel sick in the stomach, go to a doctor as soon as possible.
  2. Simple bed rest is the best treatment for left testicle pain from epididymitis.  Simply rest a couple days. You should notice the pain start to vanish. If after a resting a day, or two, the pain remains, see your doctor.
  3. Take a warn bath to help reduce left testicular pain. Taking a long soak in the tub will reduce the swelling, and it can start to make the blood flow again in the region.
  4. Use ice to make your left testicle feel better. Use ice by gliding a wrapped ice pack where you have the pain.
  5. Respect your privates, or risk making your left testicle pain worse. Don't have sex or masturbate until you until you are feeling 100%.
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