How To Treat A Man

If you have a sick man at home, you may wonder how to treat a man with a cold. When men get a cold the proper term is “Man Flu.” Men can become such babies when they are sick and require a little extra love and care from those who love them. To treat man flu you will need to be strong and have lots of patience.

Items Needed:

  • Good Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe
  • Ear Plugs
  • Nighttime Cold and Flu Medication
  1. Understand that although man flu is nothing more than the common cold, men believe they are on their death bed. Treating a man with a cold requires a great amount of understanding. In his mind, he really is on the brink of death. His entire body aches and the simple thought of doing anything more than lay on the couch and watch numerous hours of television is way too much to fathom.
  2. Treat a man by spoiling him and giving extra care. He wants to be loved and comforted. Be warned that even with all the spoiling possible, the duration “Man Flu” will not end any faster. Bring him a warm comfy blanket, give up complete control of the remote, and make some warm chicken noodle soup just like momma use to.
  3. Invest in ear plugs. One symptom of “Man Flu” is whining. Men feel the need to voice their every eliminate and seek recognition and sympathy through a pathetic irritating whine. At this moment the worse thing you can do is to respond negatively. Instead protect your ears and sanity by wearing ear plugs. Be sure to cover your ears with your hair so he doesn’t see them.
  4. Keep “Man Flu” a secret. By no means can men know about the dreaded “Man Flu,” it will only send them into a bigger fit over being sick. Chances are your man is already a panic mess over his runny nose, green snot, slight body aches, and sore throat. Letting him know he has “Man Flu” will send him into a massive panic, he may request an ambulance.
  5. Give him night time flu medicine, even if it is the middle of the afternoon. This is for your peace of mind. Treating your man with a cold can be hard work. Giving him something to knock him out will give you a break and him some much needed rest.
  6. Healing takes time. As with any cold, symptoms start to diminish after a few days. However, the laziness and whining caused by man flu will need continued treatment for a week to 10 day. Anything beyond that is ridiculous and it may be time to seek medical treatment and personal therapy.
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