How To Treat Mange In Dogs

There are different ways to treat mange in dogs. Mange is the result of tiny bugs that burrow under your dog's skin. Symptoms of this can be severe itching, red bumps and loss of fur on your dog.

Things you'll need:

  • Shampoos that treat mange
  • Dip treatments
  • Oral antihistamines
  1. In young dogs, mange sometimes clears up on its own without medical treatment. For a puppy, you may want to take a wait-and-see approach to treating mange, as it might resolve itself quickly.
  2. Mange can be treated in dogs by the use of special shampoos. These can often be found in pet stores or in your vet's office. You may also be able to find a liquid you add to your dog's regular shampoo to treat mange.
  3. Dips are available for treating mange. These are only given by prescription, so you will need to get them from your dog's vet. These dips should be left on your dog for at least ten minutes before washing off.
  4. Your vet may also recommend giving your dog an oral antihistamine. While this won't cure mange, it will help relive the itching and make your dog more comfortable while healing.

Once your dog has been successfully treated for mange, wash and disinfect all of your dog's bedding and toys so the dog doesn't become re-infected. If you have other dogs, they should also be treated for mange even if they aren't showing symptoms, as mange spreads easily among dogs. It's also possible for these bugs to be spread to humans, so consult your doctor if you feel itchy or develop red bumps.



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