How To Treat An Orbital Bone Fracture

Wondering how to treat an orbital bone fracture? An orbital bone fracture needs immediate treatment in order to prevent further damage to the eye and the person's sight. A person needs to learn how to treat an orbital bone fracture to advance the healing process since the area effects the vision, so it is necessary to know proper techniques. A regular injury will bother a person for a while but with good methods to treat the orbital bone fracture, the experience will be less troublesome for the victim. Common symptoms for an orbital bone fracture are a sunken eye, strange sensations beneath the injured eye and double vision, especially when a person looks up. A doctor normally will diagnose the orbital bone fracture by taking x-rays. If there are signs of such an injury, a CT scan is used to further examine the area for a more detailed analysis. Here are some ways to treat an orbital bone fracture:

Things you'll need:

  • Ice pack
  • Gauze
  • Bandages or band aids

Immediate treatment:

  1. Apply an ice pack to the injured area as soon as possible once the orbital fracture has occurred to prevent swelling and pain until you reach a doctor for treatment.
  2. Use pressure if there is any bleeding around the area of the orbital fracture if you can tolerate the discomfort.

Medical treatment:

  1. Surgery for the eye socket may be necessary if double vision continues or the eye sinks into the socket.

Note: Always consult a specialist in order to make an informed decision to go with eye surgery after x-rays and CT scans. Seek out emergency medical treatment for an orbital fracture in order to avoid long term injury of the eye.

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