How To Treat Pain In Thumb Joint

Many people will need to know how to treat pain in the thumb joint in their lifetime. Thumbs take a lot of use and abuse, particularly due to repetitive motion from texting and using other electronic devises. Thumb arthritis is another cause of thumb joint pain and will require its own course of treatment. If your thumb joint pain does not go away, or seems to be getting worse, it is important to see a doctor to determine the cause.

  1. Give them a rest. Give your thumbs some time to recover and see if the pain is being caused by too much use. Avoid using your thumbs to text or type on a phone, type on a keyboard, or jars. Sometimes, all thumb joints need to recover is a little time off. It may be helpful to put a brace or soft bandage around your thumb joint for some extra support or just as a reminder to avoid using your thumbs.

  2. Apply heat or ice. Both can help reduce pain. Try soaking your entire hands in a bowl of cold water or laying your thumbs on an ice pack. Heat can be helpful in reducing pain and easing joint stiffness. Soak your hands in arm water or use a hot water bottle or heating pad. You should experiment to determine which option relieves your thumb joint pain best.

  3. Know the symptoms of thumb arthritis. Thumb arthritis can often begin as pain in the thumb joint. You may also notice swelling in the joint areas or a bony enlargement at the base of the thumb. You may have decreased range of motion and severe pain in both thumb joints. If you think you may have thumb arthritis, see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and evaluation.

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