How To Treat Pneumonia

Rather than wondering how to treat pneumonia, you might want to go to the doctor. Pneumonia is caused by an infection in your lungs which can prove fatal if left untreated. It is one of those conditions you should not allow to linger too long because you could end up in the hospital. When you go to the doctor, they will prescribe some antibiotics and this will lead you to the road of recovery.

To treat pneumonia, you will need:

  • Western medicine
  • Liquids
  • Rest
  • Maybe aspirin
  1. Go to the doctor. If you have a persistent chest cold, hack up colorful phlegm or your cough sounds like a death rattle, it is time to go to the doctor. If you have pneumonia, you will need some antibiotics. While it is tempting to stop taking your antibiotics when you feel better, you should take the whole course as prescribed by your doctor to treat pneumonia because you do not want this one to repeat on you.
  2. Chemicals. Some hacking coughs are quite painful. While it does nothing to treat pneumonia, you might want to ask your doctor what kind of analgesic you can take. Most likely you will be told to take aspirin but in some painful cases you may be prescribed codeine aspirin. Unless otherwise instructed, you should avoid taking cough suppressants because you want to clear your lungs.
  3. Liquids. To treat pneumonia, think of any other illness your mom nursed you through. Drink lots of fluids. No, not beer. Think mostly water, some orange juice and if you like soda, drink it sparingly while ill. Though it is still one of those unexplained mysteries in life, chicken soup is a magical healing drought for sick people. Something in the broth slowly coaxes you back to life.
  4. Stop. In these busy times, it is often hard to stop working and doing all the things you have to do to get through the day. But having pneumonia is like Nature’s way of saying, Stop! You must rest and allow your body and lungs time to recover. Nap often, go to sleep early and refuse to go to work or school. Regardless of what you have to do, no one likes being around a half dead, mopey grump with infected lungs. Take all your medication, drink tons of fluids and sleep it off.

Warning: Failure to rest, recover and take all your antibiotics can put you to the hospital. There they will hook you up to an IV, perhaps stick you on oxygen and confine you to one of those uncomfortable plastic coated beds that people have pissed, bled and died on. You will get chest x-rays, horrible food and huge medical bills that will follow you around like ass warts. So take your antibiotics, sleep and drink tons of water.

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