How To Treat Pulled Thigh Muscle

How to treat pulled thigh muscle is a question someone generally asks if they are experiencing thigh pain. However, it is a necessary question when you are hurting due to this condition. Your thigh muscles are strong muscles, and are composed of three different muscles: the quadriceps, hamstring and the adductor muscles. A pulled thigh muscle occurs if your muscle fibers sustain an injury, and commonly occur due to running and jumping.

Things needed to treat pulled thigh muscle:

  • Ice pack
  • Compression bandage
  • Ibuprofen
  • Rest
  1. Rest your muscles if you have a pulled thigh muscle. If you do not rest your muscle, you may cause further injury to the area, and this would delay the healing process. Elevate your legs when you sit. This will help reduce any swelling on your thigh.
  2. Use an ice pack on the injured area. It is normal to have swelling when you pull a thigh muscle, and applying the ice pack for 20 minutes during the day will help minimize the swelling as well as the pain. However, do not put the ice pack directly on your skin. Take the ice pack, place it in a towel, and then apply to the pull thigh muscle. For this treatment to work, you must do this the first or second day beyond those two days you have to use other treatment methods such as heat.
  3. Buy a compression bandage from your local pharmacy. Take the compression bandage and wrap your thigh muscles. Using the compression bandage reduces the swelling and relieves the discomfort. When you apply the compression bandage, try not to apply it too tightly. Applying the compression bandage too tightly may impede circulation, which could cause other medical issues.
  4. Take over the counter pain reliever. Anti-inflammatory pain relievers such as ibuprofen relieves the pains associated with pulled thigh muscle.

Your condition should heal in a couple of weeks. However, if you still having pains and discomforts after a few weeks, contact your medical provider, because you may need further treatment such as physical therapy to strengthen the muscles.


If you participate in any kind of sports activity, you should always do warm up exercises first. This will reduce the chances that you will incur a pulled muscle.

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