How To Treat Pulled Trapezius Muscle

How to treat pulled trapezius muscle will take a few basic household items or simply fixing your posture. Applying just a few stretches, such as a lateral neck stretch or a neck rotation can provide a quick relief. If you engaged in a activity without stretching or warming up, than you put yourself at risk for tearing your muscle fiber.

The items you will need to treat a pulled trapezuis muscle are:

  • Ice bag or a bag of frozen vegetables
  • Towel or shirt to cover the ice or heating pad
  • Epson salt
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Heating pad
  • Dumbbells
  1. Ice and heat therapy. You may become confused of when to use either of the two. Ice should always be the first application to provide immediate relief and it reduces swelling of your pulled trapezius muscle. Ice is beneficial for all pull muscles because it restricts the blood vessels to become narrow which reduces the effect of the injury. Heat therapy should be used when there is no signs of inflammation or swelling. The ideal way to use a heat pad is for stiffness, soreness, muscle spasms or tight muscles. The heat pad will be applied after you treat your pulled trapezius muscle with ice.

    Ice: Place either a frozen vegetable bag or a bag of ice on the pulled trapezius muscle for ten minutes. After 30 minutes of not having the ice on you, apply the ice back to the pulled muscle. You will have to apply this method several times a day until the swelling has subsided.

    Heat: Place the heated pad on your pulled trapezius muscle for 15 minutes. Wait a hour after applying the heated pad and place it back on the pulled muscle. To prevent any burns, have a shirt covering the heating pad.


  2. Take a bath with Epson salt. A warm bath will relax your pulled trapezuis muscle. Just like a heating pad it reduces muscle spasms, soreness and stiffness.

    In a tub full of warm water, apply two cups of Epsom salt and let it soak for ten minutes. For the next 15 minutes you will be relaxing in the tub. This can be done three time a week.

  3. Exercise to prevent the occurrence of the pulled muscle. After you have treated your injury, begin to do workouts to strengthen trapezius muscle. Push ups and shoulder shrugs are great exercises to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

    Push ups: Support yourself with only your hands and toes. Lean forward so that you feel your weight on your shoulders. Begin to slowly descend to floor and squeeze your back muscles together. Slowly rise up back to where you started from and repeat.

    Shoulder Shrugs: To do shoulder shrugs, have two dumbbells on each hand. Make sure your arms are loose and begin to raise only your shoulders as far as you can go. Feel the squeezing of your trapezuis muscle, this means your doing the exercise correctly. Slowly lower the shoulders and repeat again.


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