How To Treat Quadricep Pain After Running

Learning how to treat quadricep pain after running is essential for avid runners. Running provides not only great calorie burning and conditioning benefits but it can be addictive. Many runners run daily with long distances and subsequently develop painful injuries. Quadricep pain occurs frequently but there are effective treatment methods.

  1. Take time off from running to treat quadricep pain. Quadriceps injuries often result from excessive training. Muscles need time to heal but it is difficult for an avid runner to take a day off from training. Swimming provides overall conditioning with no impact on the legs. This form of exercise helps a runner continue to train while the quadriceps pain subsides.
  2. Apply muscle rub on the quadricep.  Muscle rubs works by penetrating the muscles with a heated medicine. This soothes the muscle and eventually relaxes it. Most drug stores carry muscle rub and it is a must have to treat quadriceps pain if you are a runner.
  3. Get cortisone injections. If the quadriceps pain continues despite resting and applying muscle rub the other option involves a cortisone injection. The injection treats the quadriceps injury immediately. See a doctor if the pain continues.
  4. Prevent future quadriceps injuries. Daily running wears sneakers down which results in lack of support. This lack of support leads to quadriceps pain and other injuries. If your sneakers are more than three months old, it is time for a new pair. Also, make sure that you stretch your quadriceps before running. Muscles need time to warm up. This will prevent future injuries.

Running provides a feeling like no other form of exercise. This high impact activity offers many benefits and while injuries dampen your progress learning how to treat and prevent future quadricep pain will make running a more enjoyable exercise.

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