How To Treat Rectal Warts

It is important to learn how to treat rectal warts after being diagnosed with the condition. Rectal warts are also known as condyloma acuminata, which are usually recognized first as little skin blemishes that will usually grow in size. Some of the warts may get no bigger than a pin head, while others may grow larger. Depending upon where in the rectum the warts are located, they can become very comfortable. Usually, the small warts may not cause any pain and individuals will not even know they are there. If the warts are left untreated for a significant amount of time, they could lead to cancer. Even after treatment, warts may reappear and will require another treatment.

Things needed to treat rectal warts:

  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Day off from work
  • Soft pillow to sit on
  1. Topical medication. If the rectal warts are not large in size and are not extremely irritating to the individual, a prescription medication will be applied by a physician during several office visits. The patient will be required to visit the doctor’s office for several different treatments.
  2. Surgery removal and electrical cautery. Is another method used to treat larger sized warts? Only a health care provider can perform the surgery and is usually is done as an outpatient procedure. Most patients are able to return to normal activity in a few days. This type of procedure is usually done to treat warts that are located within the anal canal.
  3. Laser surgery is an effective form to remove rectal warts. It provides results right away and individuals do not have to worry about a significant amount of scarring in the area. Individuals will have to receive pain medication after the surgery and during the surgery, patients are given anesthetics. The type of anesthetics received depends upon the size and the location of the warts.
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