How To Treat Ringworm In Humans

Learn how to treat ringworm in humans. While this fungal infection often originates from infected pets, it is also easily spread between humans. Ringworm is characterized by red, raised, ring-shaped bumps on the skin. Contact with the fungus is all that it takes for an infection. Use these tips to treat ringworm in humans naturally and eliminate this fungal infection once and for all.

  1. Soak in epsom salts. A great way to treat ringworm is to soak in epsom salts for twenty minutes a day. Use one cup of epsom salts and add to hot bath water. They will help to destroy the fungal infection. Add five or six drops of lavender essential oil for an added anti-microbial effect.
  2. Take garlic supplements. Garlic has natural anti-microbial properties. Supplementing with garlic two to three times a day can really help eliminate ringworm in humans. You can also eat raw garlic, or apply to the skin with olive oil, although you may end up stinking like a garlic clove.
  3. Use colloidal silver. Apply silver solution to the skin with a clean cloth or a cotton ball. Colloidal silver is a powerful antibiotic and is extremely effective for treating ringworm topically.
  4. Use tea tree oil. Tea tree essential oil is another powerful plant-based medicine to kill all bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Dilute a few drops in a small amount of water or vegetable oil and apply to the ringworm on the skin.
  5. Drink pau d'arco tea. Pau d'arco has strong ant-fungal properties. SImply drinking an infusion two to three times daily is a great way to naturally treat ringworm in humans.
  6. Use anti-fungal lotions. Another simple solution is to run to the drug store and pick up an anti-fungal lotion. These over-the-counter medications are easy to use and effective for treating ringworm in humans.
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