How To Treat Sciatica Pain While On Warfarin

It can be tricky to treat Sciatica while on Warfarin, as some of the more common treatments are off limits while taking this blood-thinning drug. For instance, over the counter pain medications are often used to treat sciatica discomfort, but the most common painkillers, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen all can interact negatively with Warfarin. However, there are still plenty of options for managing sciatic pain while on Warfarin.

  1. Rest for a day or two after sciatic pain begins. Sometimes taking it easy for a bit is all that’s needed for relief of symptoms. Prolonged inactivity can actually make sciatic pain worse, as well as being dangerous for the development of blood clots, so after a day or two it’s time to get moving again.
  2. Performing low back stretches can help give relief to pain caused by Sciatica. Regular exercise is also beneficial both in preventing and alleviating sciatic pain. Always talk to your doctor about an exercise program before beginning, especially while taking Warfarin. This medication is often used to treat blood clots, so a doctor will need to give a green light on whether you are stable enough for working out. Another concern with Warfarin is that it can cause excessive bleeding with an injury, so care must be taken in deciding what exercise is best.
  3. Another option for treating Sciatica while on Warfarin is chiropractic care. To be on the safe side, tell your chiropractor about your medication and the reason for it so that appropriate care can be taken. Chiropractic adjustments are often very helpful for sciatic pain, as having your spine out of alignment can affect posture and the comfort of your entire body.
  4. As a last resort, surgery is sometimes considered as a treatment for sciatic pain. This is a more dangerous treatment for those with sciatica taking Warfarin, however. The medication would have to be discontinued before surgery could occur, and even then it could be even more risky than surgery generally is.

The low back pain and frequent radiating leg discomfort common with sciatica can be very uncomfortable for those suffering from it. Treating Sciatica while taking Warfarin makes things a bit more complicated, but rest, stretching and seeking professional care if needed can go a long way towards recovery.

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