How To Treat Scrotal Abscess

Scrotal infections are common for males to experience; therefore, it is essential you learn how to treat a scrotal abscess should an infection occur. A scrotal abscess, commonly know as epididymitis, occurs when bacteria creates an infection within the scrotum. This bacteria can be spread from the bladder or urethra or can be a result of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). When left untreated, the infection can result in a scrotal abscess. To treat a scrotal abscess, proper diagnosis of an infection is needed to determine which course of treatment is suitable.

  1. To treat a scrotal abscess, the underlying cause of the abscess must first be determined. Common causes of scrotal infections, which cause an abscess, include sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. A bacterial infection can also cause the infection, as well as certain medications. Viral infections, such as mumps, may also result in a scrotal infection.
  2. In order to treat a scrotal abscess, the underlying cause of the infection must be determined by a medical professional. A physical exam and laboratory tests are conducted to determine the cause of the scrotal infection and the scrotal abscess. Laboratory tests can include a urinalysis, urethral culture, and imaging tools, such as an ultrasound. After a proper diagnosis has been found, adequate treatment can begin.
  3. A doctor will treat a scrotal abscess in a number of ways depending on what is the underlying cause of the infection. If an STD is the cause of the infection and scrotal abscess, antibiotics will be prescribed. If bacteria has resulted in the infection, antibiotics will be prescribed as well. When medications are the cause of the scrotal infection and scrotal abscess, a lower dose of that medication is often recommended. Pain medications are often used to treat a scrotal abscess as well.

When you need to treat a scrotal abscess, there are certain things you can do at home to assist with the treatment. It is important to receive adequate rest while treating a scrotal abscess. While resting, the groin area should be elevated and ice can be applied to the scrotum to relieve the painful symptoms of a scrotal abscess.

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