How To Treat A Scrotal Cyst

Want to learn how to treat a scrotal cyst?  If you have a lump or cyst on your scrotum, then you probably want to know what to do about it.  Read on for more information on how to treat a scrotal cyst.

  1. See your doctor.  If you discover a solid mass in your scrotum, it is important to see your doctor right away so he can check it out.
  2. Have cyst identified.  Masses or cysts on the scrotum can be several different things, most of which are benign and harmless.  Among these possible causes are sebaceous cysts, a hydrocele which is fluid filled, a hematoceleb which is blood filled, a spermatocele or epididymal cyst, vericocele, an enlarged vein, or testicular cancer.  A healthcare provider should be able to diagnose which of these you may have.
  3. Check for cancer.  Testicular cancer is rarely benign, so all lumps in the scrotum are considered malignant masses until determined otherwise.
  4. Get treatment.  If your lump is benign but is causing you discomfort or becoming so large as to be undesirable, you can have it removed via surgery.  If your lump is believed to be cancerous, the testicle will likely have to be removed.

In treating a scrotal cyst or mass, it is important to see your doctor immediately and have it evaluated.  There are many kinds of cysts or lumps that are not cancer, but you need to find out what you are dealing with as soon as possible.  Some non-cancerous lumps such as varicoceles can cause infertility.  If your lump is due to some sort of infection, you will need to be treated with antibiotics.  If you do have testicular cancer, catching it early is the key to a good prognosis.

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