How To Treat Scrotal Edema

How to treat scrotal edema involves two steps. The first step is the most difficult and is one that most men have trouble facing. The second step may include a series of trips to different locations to treat the scrotal edema. The most important step is to get treatment immediately. For most men, anything related to the scrotal area is a delicate situation and may cause some uncomfortable thoughts about how to deal with the condition. This must not interfere with seeking out immediate treatment.

You'll need a few items to properly treat scrotal edema, including;

  • phone and phonebook
  • list of any preparations or products you've used on the scrotal area
  • list of any medications you're taking
  • medical history
  • insurance information, if any
  1. Get to it. Don't delay. Scrotal swelling is not something to mess around with. Swelling in any area of the body is a sign that something is not right, and a professional is needed to figure out if it's a minor inconvenience or a major health issue. 
  2. Make a list of available services. Get out the phonebook or take out a list of medical providers in your area and note the contact information. If you're a student, head over to the student health center ASAP. 
  3. Call for an appointment. Telephone to get an appointment. Explain the severity of the swelling. Given major swelling, you should probably see if you can get an appointment the same day. Cancer and other serious conditions have swelling of the scrotal area, so you probably shouldn't sit around waiting for an appointment. If you can't get a rapid appointment, check out a walk-in clinic for an immediate opinion. You can always follow up at an appointment with your regular doctor. 
  4. Collect your products. Put together a list of the products you've used immediately before and during the swelling problem. How to treat scrotal edema involves ruling out some causes simply by looking at physical actions prior to the infection or swelling. 
  5. Collect your medications. Bring prescription and over the counter items you regularly take. A list is best, but make sure you write down all information from the products. This includes dosage and the name of the drug. 
  6. Chat with the doctor or nurse. When you get to the appointment, be honest. Answer all questions so that the diagnosis has the best chance for success. Don't let embarrassment get in the way of the truth. If you prefer a male or female to talk about the condition, ask for a different nurse or doctor. 
  7. Follow the directions exactly. Once the cause of the scrotal edema is discovered, and you pick up any creams or medications, follow the directions exactly. 
  8. Take all medications through the full course of the treatment. When things begin to clear up, continue to take the medications. The meds must be taken until the total dosage is gone to recover fully. 
  9. Note any significant changes. You're the one with the best information about your scrotal area, so take a mirror and examine the area carefully during the treatment. Note any changes or modification in the swelling. If the change doesn't match what the doctor outlined, get yourself back to the clinic or doctor immediately. 
  10. Follow up with any specialists suggested by the doctor or nurse.


Scrotal edema is linked with serious conditions including testicle torsion and diseases such as cancer. Both conditions may require surgery. 


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