How To Treat Scrotal Hydrocele

Looking for information on how to treat scrotal hydrocele? If you are not familiar with scrotal hydroceles, a scrotal hydrocele is a sac that is filled of fluid that surrounds a testicle. The fluid filled sac causes the scrotum to swell, which creates a scrotal hydrocele. If you believe that you have a scrotal hydrocele, you should visit your doctor so that your condition can be confirmed. Generally speaking, scrotal hydroceles will go away on their own, but if yours doesn't, your doctor will likely recommend one of the treatment options that is listed below.

To treat a scrotal hydrocele, you will need to:

  • Visit a doctor
  • Have your scrotal hydrocele surgically removed
  • Have your scrotal hydrocele aspirated


  1. Hydrocelectomy. A hydrocelectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove scrotal hydroceles. Depending on the severity of your scrotal hydrocele, your doctor will make an excision either in your scrotum or in your lower abdomen. Your doctor will then be able to remove your scrotal hydrocele with ease. Hydrocelectomies are generally outpatient procedures and can be performed with you being under general or spinal anaesthesia.
  2. Needle Aspirations. Needle aspirations are another form of treatment for scrotal hydroceles. With a needle aspiration, your doctor will insert a needle into your scrotal hydrocele and drain out the fluid. Needle aspirations are not as popular as a hydrocelectomy in terms of scrotal hydrocele treatment options because the fluid may return after it has been aspirated. To help prevent the fluid from returning after a needle aspiration, your doctor may inject a hardening drug into your scrotum.

Tip: Even with a hydrocelectomy, there is no guarantee that your scrotal hydrocele will not return. If you notice swelling in your scrotum after having one of the above procedures performed, you should visit your doctor again.

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