How To Treat Scrotal Rash

Many men may develop an itching in their nether-regions, and before you know it, they are trying to figure out how to treat scrotal rash. The methods used to treat scrotal rash vary a little bit, but the main cause is a fungus, and most cases can be treated in a similar fashion. There are a few cases where trying to treat scrotal rash can be a little more complex if the cause is something more unusual.


  1. The first approach to try when you treat a typical scrotal rash is to use an anti-fungal cream. There are many of these available over the counter, and they will clear up the typical case of scrotal rash with relative simplicity.
  2. Sometimes an anti-fungal cream may fail, and you may want to go to a doctor and get an oral treatment for fungal infections. These will handle a lot the more serious cases of scrotal rash.
  3. To avoid future scrotal rash infections, it can be very important to watch out for your hygiene. Most men who develop scrotal rash have lifestyles that cause them to produce more sweat than normal, and they generally don’t wash as much as they probably should. This combination allows for fungi to thrive on their skin down around their scrotal region. Changing those conditions can be one of the most important aspects of trying to treat scrotal rash, and if you don’t take care of this issue, medications might not even work.
  4. Sometimes a scrotal rash can be something slightly more serious, such as herpes. It can be hard to tell the difference between one kind of scrotal rash and another, so if the treatment options outlined above don’t work, you should probably explore other possibilities with your doctor. 
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