How To Treat Scrotal Swelling

Every man should know how to treat scrotal swelling. Become familiar with how your testicles feel normally. This can best be done just after a warm bath or shower when the skin is relaxed. Feel for lumps or other abnormalities at this time. You will be a better judge of swelling and how bad it is. It is equally important to know how to treat scrotal swelling when it does occur.

Items needed:

  • Ice
  • Towel
  • Warm water
  • Heating pad
  1. Apply ice to scrotal swelling. Ice reduces swelling rapidly, but is more uncomfortable than heat. In cases of injury ice is more accessible than heating pads and will reduce swelling better than heat will.
  2. Apply heat to scrotal swelling. With scrotal swelling a heating pad will not reduce inflammation. What heat can do is force muscles to relax making it easier to define where exactly the swelling is originating.
  3. Take a warm bath. The bath water temperature should not be any higher than one hundred degrees or it will actually cause more swelling. The heat will relax all of your muscles as well as fight gravity on behalf of your swollen scrotum.
  4. At bedtime place a rolled up towel under your swollen scrotum. This will provide welcome support to the swollen scrotum. You can heat up the towel in a microwave while it is dry to provide even more comfort for your swollen scrotum. 



  • For swelling lasting more than an hour, please see your physician.
  • Wrapping the ice in a towel will prevent ice from damaging tender skin.
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