How To Treat A Sexually Transmitted Infection

It's not strange to wonder how to treat a sexually transmitted infection. Many people will have some sort of sexually transmitted disease in their lifetimes, and many more will infect others without realizing what has occurred. If you think might be infected with an STD, seek medical attention as soon as possible and refrain from having sex until a doctor gives you clearance.

  1. Know the symptoms. If you know the symptoms, it's easier to understand how to treat a sexually transmitted infection. Most sexually transmitted infections include symptoms such as discharge, sores, burning during urination or abdominal pain. However, some STD's are asymptomatic, meaning there won't be signs. If you or your partner display unusual symptoms, see a physician about how to treat a sexually transmitted infection.
  2. Make an appointment. When you've got the symptoms, make an appointment to see a doctor. Most sexually transmitted infections are easily treatable with antibiotics. There are other STDs which are viral and cannot be cured. However, during your appointment, the doctor will diagnose or treat a sexually transmitted infection as well as offer advice on how not to become infected again.
  3. Get treatment. When you want to know how to treat a sexually transmitted infection, you have to understand which disease you have. While most are treated with antibiotics, you also might be instructed to get plenty of sleep, drink more water, or use particular creams and soaps to clean sores. Follow your doctor's advice about which treatment and care is best for your STD.
  4. Refrain from sex. While you are treating a sexually transmitted infection, it is important to refrain from having sex. Both you and your partner should have seen a physician for medication, but you need to wait until you are cleared before engaging in sexual activity. Take your medication as prescribed and do the five finger workout until your doctor says it's okay to have sexual intercourse.
  5. Practice safe sex. It goes without saying that practicing safe sex can prevent you from getting a sexually transmitted infection. The best treatment for an STD is to either not have sex at all or to always use a condom. In addition, there are dental dams, female condoms and other protective devices to make having sex much safer for you and your partner.
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