How To Treat Short Term Memory Loss

Wondering how to treat short term memory loss? While forgetfulness can be stressful and even frightening you do have the power to improve this condition yourself. Take control of your mind with these tips on how to treat short term memory loss.

  1. Eat for proper brain function. Try to include plenty of brain foods in your diet on a daily basis. This includes salmon, walnuts, coffee, and berries. Foods that are high in either nurturing omega oils or protective antioxidants are beneficial for treating short term memory loss.
  2. Take ginkgo biloba for brain support. This natural herb improves cerebral circulation and has been known to treat memory loss. Talk to your doctor about adding ginkgo biloba to your diet.
  3. Exercise. Improving overall well-being through regular physical activity has a positive effect on mental well-being. Exercise improves circulation and helps to lower cholesterol, two important factors in brain health.
  4. Use brain games. Fifteen minutes a day of puzzle-like activities such as crosswords and sudoku is a great way to exercise the brain and treat short term memory loss.
  5. Avoid and address factors that can cause memory loss. Alcohol and drug use, heavy use of prescription and over-the-counter medication, exposure to toxins, and even depression can affect the well-being of neurons and neurotransmitters. To prevent and treat short term memory loss, stop any type of substance abuse, reevaluate the necessity of any drugs you may be taking with your doctor, drink purified water and eat organic produce, and talk to someone if you may be suffering from depression.

Knowing how to treat short term memory loss is a valuable asset. Not only can you improve the functioning of the brain, but you can also prevent further mental deterioration.

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