How To Treat A Sore Hamstring

Sore hamstrings are common injuries, therefore it’s necessary to learn how to treat a sore hamstring. Often, sore hamstrings can easily be treated at home using home remedies and over the counter medications. Combining these methods in the appropriate manner will allow you to easily learn how to treat sore hamstrings. Preventing sore hamstrings is equally as important as treating the injury once it has occurred.

  1. Learn how to treat a sore hamstring with the RICE method. The RICE method consists of: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This includes resting the injured area, making sure to avoid any weight or pressure on the injured hamstring, as well as ice to relieve pain and swelling. Compression refers to wrapping the area with an ace bandage to reduce swelling. Elevation is also used to reduce swelling.
  2. Learn how to treat a sore hamstring with over the counter medications. Injured hamstrings are known to cause pain and even swelling. This can be treated at home by taking over the counter pain medications and anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin and acetaminophen. In severe cases of injuries to the hamstrings, a doctor may prescribe stronger pain medications.
  3. Learn how to treat a sore hamstring before the injury occurs. Preventing a sore hamstring is important. Most often, a sore hamstring is caused from exercises. This often occurs from improper stretching methods prior to exercising or over exercising. Other causes of sore hamstrings include stepping the wrong way or twisting the leg. Other injuries to the leg, such as a fall, can cause a sore hamstring as well.

While you can learn how to treat sore hamstrings at home, in some cases, medical attention must be sought. Severe cases of injured hamstrings need to be evaluated by a medical professional. If pain is severe, extreme swelling or bruising develops, or walking is impossible, it’s vital to seek proper medical treatment immediately.


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