How To Treat Stomach Flu

Knowing how to treat stomach flu fast is important when you suffer from the ailment. Diarrhea and nausea are the main symptoms of stomach flu. This illness is a virus and there is no magic cure. However, there are treatments you can try to feel better.

Essential items to treat stomach flu:

  • Water
  • Mild juices
  • Electrolyte drinks
  • Dry toast
  • Clear carbonated soda
  1. Stomach flu is also known as Gastroenteritis or stomach virus. Gastroenteritis is viral and therefore must run its course. Further, stomach flu is usually accompanied by diarrhea, nausea with vomiting.
  2. Sufferers of the virus almost always become dehydrated. If a person vomits and has diarrhea long enough the body will become dehydrated. To combat this it is important to keep the body in fluid and electrolyte balance. Drink mild juices, water and electrolyte drinks. Consume these liquids in small amounts, especially if your symptoms have been harsh. Another drink that will ease stomach discomfort is clear carbonated soda. Again, only ingest small amounts. You should slowly build up the amount of liquid you can tolerate.
  3. Once liquids can be kept down, it is time to try food. A slice or two of dry toast is the way to proceed. Eat and swallow slowly. The idea is to slowly build up the amount of food you can keep down. It is important not to butter the toast, and avoid drinking milk.
  4. Caffeine, fried foods, and alcohol should be avoided when you have Gastroenteritis.  Equally important is avoiding spreading the stomach flu in your home. Practicing some common sense practices will help this cause. Wash your hands when finished with the toilet. Do not share drinking glasses with family members or share towels after bathing. Moreover, wash your hands before eating.

In summary, it is not fun be sick with the stomach flu. This is a viral illness and antibiotics will not cure it. The best course of action for stomach virus is to keep hydrated, especially with electrolyte drinks. Clear carbonated soda will help ease upset stomach. When it finally can be tolerated try eating dry toast. Follow common sense hygiene to rid your home of the stomach flu virus.

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