How To Treat A Stress Fracture

Learning how to treat a stress fracture will help you heal much faster, and without any further injury. You are considered to have a stress fracture if there is a tiny crack in your bone. This occurs when you overuse the body, and the muscles do not absorb the shock. Stress fractures are most commonly found on a person's foot, or in the lower legs.

To treat a stress fracture, you will need:

  • An x-ray
  • Shoe inserts
  • A brace
  • Lots of rest
  1. To treat a stress fracture, first get an x-ray. This is to confirm that you do indeed have a stress fracture, and not a more serious broken bone. Sometimes stress fractures do not show up on an x-ray. A CAT scan or an MRI may be needed to locate the stress fracture.
  2. Ask your doctor if a shoe insert or a brace is necessary for your particular stress fracture. If it is, make sure you follow all of your doctor's instructions. It is important not to aggravate the injury and make it worse.
  3. Rest for a period of six to eight weeks. That means staying off of the injured part of your body. You must not participate in any sports or physical activities during this time. Rest is the only thing that will heal a stress fracture.
  4. You can use over-the-counter pain medication to treat any pain you have related to your stress fracture. Ice may also help with the pain as it can numb the area where you have the stress fracture.


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