How To Treat Tibia Pain After Running

Having the knowledge of how to treat tibia pain after running is vital. Tibia pain, also known as shin splints, is easily prevented and easily treatable. With the proper care tibia pain can be overcome quickly. The good news about tibia pain is that often times it does not need special attention. Just following a few steps will save a costly doctor's visit and get you on the road to a quick recovery.


  1. Get plenty of rest. This may seem like a no-brainer but rest is required to allow time for your tibia to heal and the pain to subside. You will have to take your time and gradually move back into sports or activities like running. Resting is the first and most important step in treatment for tibia pain after running.

  2. Ice your tibia. Placing an ice pack on the area in revolving twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off shifts will help to speed along the treatment of tibia pain after running. Ice packs should be wrapped in a towel or flannel and should not be left on the area longer than twenty minutes. An ice bath is also another way to apply ice quickly to the tibia pain inflicted area.

  3. Apply compressions to the tibia. Compression as a treatment for tibia pain after running allows the swelling to reduce and stay that way. This compression step combined with rest and ice will speed up the treatment of tibia pain. Compression should be applied with bandages such as ACE bandages. 

  4. Keep your injured tibia elevated. You can complete the other three steps listed here but if you fail to elevate your tibia then the treatment for your tibia pain after running may not be as effective without elevating the area. You can place the tibia on pillows in a bed or in some other manner that allows your leg to be above your head. Laying down is one of the most commonly used forms of elevation for tibia pain.

The method mentioned here is also known as R.I.C.E. This method is utilized by sports injury doctors and clinics daily to help treat tibia pain after running. If these steps are followed then the road to recovery can be much quicker with less chance of injury to the tibia area. Remember, this is for basic pain. Should the tibia pain after running become worse contact your physician.

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