How To Treat Vas Deferens Infection

If you're experiencing pain in your scrotum, you may be scrambling for how to treat a vas deferens infection. The vas deferens will become swollen and hard if there is an infection present, and very easily felt. Needless to say this is very painful to experience and you will want to seek treatment immediately. There are a few ways to treat a vas deferens infection:

  1. Antibiotics are the first form of treatment. Because this is a bacterial infection, and may include the prostate as well, it is imperative to seek treatment for a vas deferens infection.
  2. Many doctors will also prescribe an anti-inflammatory agent to ease discomfort. An infection in the vas deferens is very painful to experience, and most doctors have no problem with a patient seeking pain relief.
  3. Elevation of the hips and pubic area also assists with healing. Elevation does two things, it makes the patient more comfortable, and eases the swelling in the scrotal area.
  4. Refrain from sexual activity. If you suspect you have a vas deferens infection, or have been diagnosed, please refrain from sexual activity. It is also wise to let your partner know so that they can be aware of a possible infection. While women do not have a vas deferens, transferring such bacteria may cause a Urinary Tract Infection, or Vaginosis. Until you have been seen by a doctor and received treatment for you vas deferens infection, it is best to hold off on sex.
  5. Herbal remedies are also occasionally used to treat a vas deferens infection. However these remedies are not FDA approved and their healing properties are not known.
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