How To Treat Vas Deferens Pain

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about how to treat vas deferens pain. Vas deferens pain is often caused by an infection in the prostrate, which then moves along the vas deferens into the epididymis. The majority of vas deferens pain occurs during or immediately after ejaculation.

  1. Have your vas deferens thoroughly investigated. Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician, and let him or her know exactly what is going on. If your primary care doctor is not familiar with this type of condition, ask to be referred to a specialist who is skilled in the treatment of vas deferens pain in order to achieve optimal results.
  2. As discussed in the introduction, vas deferens pain is most commonly caused by an infection of the prostate. Therefore, in order to have a complete cure, you must not only treat the vas deferens, but also the prostrate. Luckily, infections of the prostrate can usually be easily treated by antibiotics designed to work on this particular body part.
  3. Take the antibiotics as instructed by your doctor, being sure not to miss a dose. Be sure to keep your healthcare team updated on the status of your vas deferens pain in order to ensure complete treatment. If your symptoms have not completely resolved after the end of your antibiotic treatment, you may have a more serious condition, or you may be resistant to the antibiotic. In this case, you will need to undergo more invasive treatments in order to completely eradicate the pain.



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