How To Treat Yeast Infection That Gets In The Urethra

Knowing how to treat a yeast infection that has gotten into the urethra can alleviate additional suffering and possibly prevent prolonged pain. Some individuals may suffer with the illness for months without symptoms. When aware of a problem, immediate medical care is vital to prevent the bacteria from traveling into the bladder or kidneys causing major damage. To prevent damage to the bladder or kidneys, see your physician immediately. If you do not have a physician, go to the closest medical facility available.  Medical care is vital.   

  1. When first experiencing pain urinating, seek a doctors care. Until seen by a licensed physician, begin to drink plenty of water. Drinking water can sometimes ease the pain and will help to flush the bacteria from the body.   
  2. Call a Physician or nurses help line. Give them a list of the symptoms you have. If they state you might be experiencing an infection of the urethra, you will be advised to head straight to your doctor or the nearest emergency room. 
  3. Drive straight to an emergency room, urgent care center or your primary care physician. 
  4. If the physician caring for you determines through a urine sample that you have an infection of the Urethra, you will be treated with an antibiotic. The antibiotic will be determined by the physician after discussing any health related issues you have, your age, the severity of the infection and discussing any allergies you might have.
  5. Finally, if you have had the infection for a lengthy period of time, the physician will have blood work performed to make sure the infection has traveled no farther than the urethra and not into the bladder.  

If it has been determined that there is additional damage, a hospital stay might be the diagnosis or you may be required to have an outpatient procedure performed.



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