How To Treat Yeast Infections

Men may need to know how to treat yeast infections themselves if their partner is having a returning infection. Men are just as susceptible to yeast infections as women. However, men do not always have symptoms. Men can continue to pass a yeast infection to their partner, through sex, with out having any symptoms of their own. When symptoms are present, men experience burning and itching at the head of the penis or pain during urination.

  1. Anti-fungal cream is used to treat yeast infections. Apply at the cream to the affected area to treat the yeast infections and relieve itching. The same yeast infection cream women purchase over the counter is safe for men to use as well. Follow the instructions on the package and use for the entire stated time to avoid the infection returning.
  2. Clean the penis properly.  Clean the penis every day to remove any dirt and debris that may cause irritation and infection. Thoroughly pat the penis dry with a clean towel. Yeast live best in wet, dark, warm places.
  3. Avoid sex until treatment is complete. Your partner must also complete treatment. Yeast infections are easily transferred between partners during sexual intercourse. Hold off to avoid re-infecting one another and having to repeat treatment.
  4. Contact your doctor if symptoms don’t change or become worse. If there is no improvement after several applications of anti-fungal cream you need to see a health care professional. They can offer other treatment. Also seek medical treatment if you notice discharge from the penis or blistering.
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