How To Trim Beard With Clippers

It is not hard to learn how to trim your beard with clippers, but it does take a little practice to do a good job. Do some research on the different type of clippers that are available and choose one that is right for your type of beard. When you are going to trim your beard with clippers, do not rush the job or you may end up with some uneven areas.

Things you may need:

  • Clippers
  • Grooming scissors
  • Mirror
  • Comb or brush
  1. Take a shower before you try to trim your beard with clippers. Shampoo your beard to clean it. Once you finish showering, wait a while before you start to groom your beard so it will be fully dry. This will make it easier to trim your beard with clippers. After your beard is dry, brush or comb it the way you normally do each day.
  2. Adjust the beard clippers to the setting you want to use. Do not set the clippers to a low cut the first time you use them. This leaves you some margin for error when you are trimming your beard. You can change to a lower setting after you use the clippers a few times since you will know the right way to trim your beard with clippers.
  3. Start on the left side of your face when you are going to trim your beard with clippers. Move the clippers along the side of your face until your beard is the length you want. Use a comb or brush to remove loose hairs and a pair of grooming scissors to cut any hairs you miss. If you like the way the left side of your beard looks, do the right side of your face. Repeat the process and do your chin to finish trimming your beard with clippers.
  4. If you also have a mustache, make sure that you trim it as well. You may need to adjust the setting on the clippers, depending on how full your mustache is. Trim it from top to the bottom to the desired length. After you finish, use your grooming scissors to get any spots you miss. Remember to open the clippers and empty any hairs into the sink or garbage so they will not be clogged the next time you use them to trim your beard.
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