How To Trim Chest Hair

For men, finding a safe way to trim their body hair, especially finding out how to trim chest hair, is a question that deserves an answer. There are different reasons why men like to keep their hair on their chest trimmed, as well as a variety of ways to do so. Being armed with this information can make dealing with the chest hair you have a lot more comfortable.

  1. Why To Trim. Every one has their own comfort levels with their appearance, and if the dark bush escaping the top of your shirt is causing you any lack in self confidence, that's reason enough. Another concern is when it gets so long, it becomes tangled with buttons and zippers that pass over the chest. Having hair ripped from your chest can be a horrific experience, so trimming it can cut down on this problem. Of course, sometimes just having a girl friend mention how thick and long it is can cause you to want to trim it, anything for her, right?
  2. Ways To Trim. When the decision has been made to trim chest hair, figuring out how to do so can be confusing. There are three easy methods that anyone can use to trim any unruly bush on the chest. The first is using a pair of small scissors, the type that most anyone has laying around in the bathroom for beard trimming or small jobs. Its easiest if the hair is held between two fingers so the hair bunches up and stands tall, then you can just trim the top. Be careful not to trim too short or you will be left with short, harsh stubble that is uncomfortable and itchy. If you don't have scissors, but have an electric beard trimmer, these can be used. Make sure you don't cute the hair too short, of course, so having a guard of some sort on the trimmer is a must. If you have electric hair trimmers, these are the third option. Like the beard trimmer, make sure you put a guard on and then slowly run the trimmer over the hair in the direction of the hair growth. Be careful to pick a guard that will allow your hair longer then your wanting at first. You can cut it shorter, but its hard to re attach cut hair.

No mater the reason behind wanting to trim chest hair, there are options out there for everyone. You can boost your self esteem, or just make getting dressed a whole lot more comfortable by taking away the length and thickness of the hair that is running across your chest. Be careful and take your time, its never safe to rush with sharp objects in your hand when your that close to your body.

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