How To Trim Nose Hair

Nose hairs are an unattractive fact of life and there isn't much a guy can do other than learn how to trim nose hairs safely and correctly. It isn't a pleasant task, but what's worse is having a bushel of nostril hair that's grabbing unwanted attention. Because nose hairs serve an important purpose in keeping foreign particles out of our nose and sinuses, it is important to learn and practice how to trim nose hairs properly. When trimming becomes a part of your regular grooming routine, it will soon become a task easily accomplished and with scarcely a second thought.

What you need to trim nose hairs

  • Nose hair trimmer
  • A Mirror
  1. Stand in front of a mirror. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it has to be said. When you need to trim nose hairs, make sure you are standing in a well lit room in front of a mirror. If your wife or girlfriend has a lighted makeup mirror that you can use, even better.
  2. Clean your nose. Whether it's been awhile or not, take a moistened cotton swab or the damp corner of a towel and gently wipe the inner surface of each nostril.
  3. Tip your head back and slightly lift one nostril. Tipping your head and lifting your nostril will give you an unhindered view of how much or little hair you'll be removing.
  4. Turn on the clippers and insert. Depending on how much nose hair needs removing, you'll want to start trimming the hairs starting with those that dangle past your nostril and work your way in.
  5. Don't over trim. Trim nose hairs only so that they are not readily visible to anyone who may be speaking to you. Those hairs are there for a reason so don't trim them to the point that they are no longer or barely there.
  6. Repeat. When you've finished with the first nostril, repeat steps 3 to 5 for your second.
  7. Clean the trimmers. After you've successfully trimmed your nose hairs, you'll want to clean your nose trimmers. It's common sense not to leave anything that's been up your nose lying around unclean. Wipe with alcohol, rinse with water or otherwise follow the manufacturers instructions for the correct method of cleaning your trimmers.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Don't trim nose hairs to the point of removing all of the hairs. Think of it in terms of grooming or maintaining.
  • Avoid using anything sharp such as scissors to trim nose hairs. Sharps scissors can easily nip the skin in an area that is ripe with bacteria.
  • Don't tweeze or yank nose hairs for the reasons listed above and not to mention the discomfort.
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