How To Troubleshoot A 2004 Polaris 700 Sportsman

So you've been having problems with your Polaris and need to know how to troubleshoot a 2004 Polaris 700 Sportsman. The Polaris 700 Sportsman is a popular all-terrain vehicle (ATV) among several off-road riding vehicles. This vehicle is built to maintain and withhold heavy usage based on the design of the tires, body and engine. Even the best 2004 Polaris 700 Sportsman can experience some problems after while, and possibly stop working. Knowing how to troubleshoot your 2004 Polaris 700 Sportsman can potentially resolve and fix any problems to get your ATV back on the road and running good again.

To troubleshoot your 2004 Polaris 700 Sportsman you need:

  • oil pan
  • engine oil
  • rag
  • funnel
  1. Drain water from the vehicle. If it was recently used in a wet environment, such as driving through puddles of water, make sure to drain the water. It is possible that water could have gotten into the Polaris 700 Sportsman system. Pull firmly on the drain plug to remove it. The drain plug is located on the bottom left hand side of the vehicle's body. Allow all of the water to drain out before you replace the drain plug. One way to do this is to put the transmission into "Park" and then run the engine, and push the throttle for about 15 seconds. This will help to force out any remaining water in the system as well as air dry the Sportsman's engine belt.
  2. Change the oil on the Polaris 700 Sportsman. This is good to do especially if you notice poor engine performance on your ATV. Place a drain pan underneath the Sportsman's oil drain plug that is located on the main gear case at the bottom of it. Pull the drain plug out, and then let the engine oil drain out. Before you reinsert the plug, wipe it out with a clean rag. Open the fill plug that is located on the side of the gear case above the drain, and use a funnel to pour in new engine oil. Then reinsert the drain plug.
  3. Shift the transmission to low. On the right side of the steering column you will find the control lever, use this to shift the transmission to low. If you are pulling a heavy load, sometimes the 2004 Polaris 700 Sportsman can have difficulty climbing a steep incline while carrying and pulling large loads. During these instances while driving the ATV shift to the low range and throttle forward in short bursts only to help with an easier ride of the ATV.
  4. Check the Polaris 700 Sportsman's battery connections. The battery is found underneath the hood. Check the Sportsman battery for corrosion and a charge, especially if the engine does not start. Use a rag to wipe away and remove any deposits seen around the battery. If the engine still does not start you may need to purchase a new battery for your ATV.
  5. Keep and adequate level of fuel. Even if you have some fuel in your Polaris 700 Sportsman, but it is low, it can cause for the engine to sputter out it climbing a hill. The tilting of the vehicle can keep the low fuel levels from reaching the intake valve to the engine. This can cause for the Sportsman to die and go out.
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