How To Troubleshoot A BlackBerry

Knowing how to troubleshoot a BlackBerry can keep you from spending hours on the phone with your mobile carrier.  Although the techs are very helpful, it is easier to do most of these steps on your own before calling tech support.  Following these steps, in order, will most likely fix most problems you come across.

  1. The first step to troubleshoot a BlackBerry is identifying the problem.  If you are unable to access the internet on the phone or are unable to send or receive text messages or emails, this is a data issue.  If you are unable to make calls, this is a voice issue.  The troubleshooting steps for voice and data vary slightly.
  2. Once you have identified the problem, the next step is a hard reset.  Many BlackBerry tech support agents will tell you this is very important in troubleshooting the device.  A hard reset involves leaving the phone off and removing the battery.  It is important to leave the battery out for at least a minute.  Up to 90% of problems you will experience with your BlackBerry can be resolved with a hard reset.
  3. One of the most important things a BlackBerry owner should do is register through the device's website for an account.  When troubleshooting a BlackBerry, the site has helpful hints and tricks you can try.  It is also important to troubleshooting the BlackBerry because while you are performing a hard reset, you can log into your account, locate the service books and resend them to your phone.  Service books are like sending a refresh tablet to your device.  It basically forces your phone to register with the network again. 
  4. The next step in troubleshooting a BlackBerry is reprogramming the phone.  Depending on what version of the device it is, you should be able to enter ## followed by your Master Subsidy Lock Code and program the phone from the programming screen.  Your carrier will be able to provide you with the code needed to program the phone.  Once you have the number, write it down and put it where you can find it next time.
  5. If all else fails in troubleshooting your BlackBerry, you should turn to your BlackBerry Desktop Manager.  When you received your BlackBerry, the first step you should have taken was to download the Desktop Manager and backed up your files.  If you are having problems that cannot be solved with the above steps, you can completely wipe your BlackBerry and reload your applications from the Desktop Manager.  It is easy and solves practically all problems with the BlackBerry.

Troubleshooting a BlackBerry is fairly easy.  Your mobile carrier will also be able to perform certain tasks on their end to ensure that your device is operating properly.  You can also contact BlackBerry for issues that affect the device.

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