How To Troubleshoot Hot Tub Motors

When your hot tub is experiencing problems, it may be a good idea to learn how to troubleshoot hot tub motors. One of the most common problems with hot tubs is the motor and, therefore, it is invaluable to learn how to troubleshoot hot tub motors. There are many different things that can go wrong that will point you in the direction of the motor. Learning the symptoms of problems with the hot tub motor is the best way to learn how to troubleshoot hot tub motors. A keen eye and careful examination of your hot tub will have you troubleshooting your hot tub motor in no time.

  1. Determine if the hot tub motor is the problem. Look for obvious signs of problems with hot tub motors. Look for symptoms such as no high-speed, constant high-speed, no variable speed and other speed-related issues with water flow.
  2. Troubleshoot the hot tub motor. Ensure that the motor is properly receiving electrical current. Check the electrical connection to ensure the hot tub motor is receiving clean power. Variable current or energy spikes can damage hot tub motors.
  3. Test the switches. Troubleshooting the hot tub motors will require you to ensure the hot tub motor is at fault. Troubleshoot all switches on the hot tub to ensure they are functioning properly. Remember that a bad switch can cause the hot tub motors to show symptoms that may appear to be a hot tub motor problem.
  4. Replace the hot tub motor. Replacing hot tub motors is one of the only options for troubleshooting. Repairing a hot tub motor is not typically worth the cost and it is more practical to simply replace it.


  • Problems with hot tub motors are common but often misdiagnosed. Ensure the hot tub motor is the problem before replacing it.



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