How To Troubleshoot Hot Tub Wiring

Learning how to troubleshoot hot tub wiring can help to figure out those tricky problems with your hot tub. Many older hot tubs, after years of use, will experience issues with faulty wiring, which can be both annoying and a fire hazard. You don’t need to be an electrician to troubleshoot your hot tub wiring, you just need some basic knowledge of your hot tub and a couple of tools.

To troubleshoot your hot tub wiring, you’ll need the following items:

  • Voltage tester
  • Electric drill
  • Wiring
  • Utility knife
  • Electrical tape
  • Sealer
  1. Check your wires. The first step to troubleshooting your hot tub wiring is to check the various wires that run through most conventional hot tubs. Before attempting to work with electricity, make sure that your hot tub is completely drained of any water. Locate the areas in your hot tub where there is wiring. The best way to check these areas out is to start at the locations where your cords are in your hot tub. You may need to drill into the sides of your hot tub to adequately reach these wires. Use a voltage tester, also known as an electrical tester, to test the spliced ends of your wires. A voltage tester will tell you if your wires are working by measuring the voltage capacity that each wire is carrying.
  2. Replace your wires. Once you’ve identified the wire(s) that are giving you problems in your hot tub, it’s time to replace them. To do this, make sure that the power source to your hot tub is turned off. Next, remove these faulty wires and replace them with new wiring. If your faulty wires run to one power source, you may need to splice your new wires to your old ones. To do this, cut about two inches of tubing off the ends of your wires, exposing the copper ends. Wrap the copper ends around your other wires and use electrical tape to seal up these wire connections. Don’t leave any of your copper exposed, or you could create a fire!

If you had to drill into the sides of your hot tub to reach your wiring, use a popular water sealer, such as one you’d use for tile in your bathtub, to seal these areas up. Make sure that you give your hot tub’s sealer adequate time to dry before filling your hot tub with water. Also, check each of your new/old wires with your voltage tester to make sure they’re working before refilling your hot tub. Once you’ve replaced your wires and tested them out, you’ll be done troubleshooting and ready to again enjoy your hot tub!

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