How To Troubleshoot PS3 Controller Problems

PS3 controllers work on Bluetooth technology, so you may have to learn how to troubleshoot PS3 controller problems. Sometimes the controllers may lag, a button may not work or they may not even turn on. Either way, you may find it necessary to invest in a new controller. Until then, there are a few things that you can try in an attempt to troubleshoot your PS3 controller.

To troubleshoot PS3 controller problems, you will need:

  • USB cable
  • PS3
  • PS3 controller
  • Paper clip
  1. Try charging your controller using a PS3 cable. Connect your controller into a USB cable and plug the cable into your PS3. Make sure that you turn on your PS3 while your controller is connected so that it is able to charge.
  2. Reset your controller once it is fully charged. The reset button can be located on the back of your controller. The button is so small that you will need a paperclip to press it down and reset the controller.
  3. Sync your controller. Once your controller has been reset, you can synch it by connecting it with a USB cable to the PS3 and pressing the "PS" button. Now your controller should begin to sync with your system.
  4. Power on your PS3. See if your system recognizes your controller and, if it does, you are now done troubleshooting your PS3 controller.

Knowing how to troubleshoot PS3 controller problems can be frustrating, but as long as you follow these steps your controller should be up and working in no time.

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