How To Troubleshoot PS3 Fan Problems

The original PS3 fans can be complicated to understand, so learning how to troubleshoot PS3 fan problems may not be such a bad idea. The newer PS3 fans are not as complicated to figure out, but still require some prior knowledge. Problems with fans can cause the system to overheat and can eventually damage your PS3 system. This is why it is better to troubleshoot PS3 fan problems right away rather than waiting till later on. Here are a few steps that will help you to troubleshoot PS3 fan problems and get you in the right direction.

To troubleshoot PS3 fan problems, you will need:

  • Small plug-in fan
  1. Turn on your console and see how loud the fan is. Since you aren't playing any games the fan on the system should be very quiet. If it isn't, then you will need to follow the steps below to solve the problem. Loud fans are a result of overworking when the system begins to produce too much heat that the fan can hardly handle it on its own.
  2. Move your system to a different location that has great cross ventilation and is not on carpet. Somewhere near a window will work well, but avoid placing it on carpet since carpet does not get rid of heat well. The carpet will just send the heat coming from the system back into the system until the system overheats and dies.
  3. Connect your small plug-in fan and turn it towards the fan vents on the system. The vents can be found on the right-side of your console. This small fan will help to guide heat away from your console and keep it from overworking. In the end this will help get rid of the loud noise that your fan makes.

Now that you know how to troubleshoot PS3 fan problems, you can get your PS3 up and running in absolutely no time.

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