How to Truck Someone in Football

Want to learn how to truck someone in football? Tired of getting run over every time you play a local pick-up game? It can be embarrassing, especially in front of your friends. The tips in this article will show you how to truck someone in football and keep this from happening to you anymore. 

  1. Work on your size. If you're 140 pounds, you're not going to be trucking many people over in football. You need to hit the gym, lift weights and pick up supplements to transform your body. You don't have to be 250 pounds, but you at least need to be a size that is close to the weight of the people you're playing against if you want to truck someone in football.
  2. Use effort and leg drive. A smaller player can truck a bigger player in football if he works harder at the point of attack and really churns his legs. The reason we say this is because your legs can act as an engine, giving you more power than your would-be tackler. If the defender that is trying to tackle you is only using his upper body to tackle you, you have the advantage.
  3. Balance is key. A lot of times you can truck a defender by catching him when he is off balance. It will make it harder for him to tackle you, even if  he is a lot bigger. A good example is when a defender is engaged with a blocker. 
  4. Timing and using center of gravity really helps. When running at the defender with the football, always make sure that you time dropping your shoulders into his body before he lowers his center of gravity to tackle you. Smaller players use this all the time and it works a lot.


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