How To Try Safe Sexual Experiments With Your Girlfriend

Knowing how to try safe sexual experiments with your girlfriend is certainly a challenge most partners face. After a while, sex can become monotonous and bland. The trick is to try new things and don't be afraid to experiment. There are key actions to take in order to get your girlfriend to try new experiments.

  1. Talk openly with your girlfriend. Unless she is a mind reader, there is no way she will be able to know what you want to try and do. The same can be said for her. Perhaps there are things that she would like to do that you aren't full-filling. You'll never know until you start the dialogue with her and see what's going on.
  2. Create a smooth escalation. Once you've had an open dialogue with your girlfriend, let things happen smoothly. Perhaps start by sending dirty texts or playing around a bit with phone sex, will ease the idea of experimentation into her mind. This will provide a great canvas for experimenting before anything physical can take place.
  3. Educate your girlfriend on certain sexual practices. There can be a lot of negative and poorly informed information out there about certain things you want to experiment with; be it from porn, friends, sexual education classes. Make it a point to relinquish any negative, preconceived knowledge about what you want to experiment with. Do some research and see what you can discover – together.
  4. Don't be forceful. Your girlfriend may not be comfortable with some of the sexual experiments that you're wanting to try. Take that in stride. She may not be immediately ready for some of them, don't let this get you down. In time, she will become more open to what you are wanting to do.
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