How To Tuck In A Shirt Properly

Being able to tuck in a shirt properly may set you apart from other men. While some halfway make an attempt and others tuck so tightly that it becomes unattractive, you will have an edge. If you aren't sure that you are doing it right, just untuck and try again.

You will need:

  • a shirt to tuck in
  • a pair of pants or shorts to tuck them into
  1. Make sure the shirttail is long enough. Certain styles of men's shirts today are made shorter than others and may make it impossible to tuck them in. If this is the case, it will come untucked throughout the day and become too much of a hassle. If you are looking to wear a shirt that it tucked in properly, choose another one.
  2. Begin by putting the shirt on.
    Unbutton or unzip your pants so that you have room to tuck the shirttail down.
  3. Begin with the front of your shirt and place the bottom hem down into your shorts or pants. You want the shirt stretched down tight. Continue around until there is no part of the bottom of the shirt that is sticking out.
  4. Button or zip your pants back your pants back up. Look around and double check to see that the shirt is tucked in.
  5. Next, grab the front of your shirt around the bellybutton with both hands. Gently, pull until a small part of the shirt comes untucked. Check to see if this is how you wanted to look with a shirt tucked in properly. If not, you can untuck a little more or just start over.
  6. Continue untucking all around until it is even all the way around you. Your shirt is not tucked in properly.
  7. If you are having a hard time keeping your shirt tucked in properly, you can always tuck it into your underwear or boxers. This can be risky as you don't want anyone to know that you tucked your shirt in there. Do a double check all around to make sure that no one will be able to tell that this is what you are doing.

If  you struggle with tucking a shirt in properly, keep practicing and double check to make sure that it is long enough.

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