How To Tune Up A Car Engine

Learning how to tune up a car engine can be a bit of a  challenge but luckily for many of us who want to save money on this job, it's possible. A car engine tune up can actually help improve your engine's performance and also extend the life of the motor. Usually, a car should have an engine tune up performed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

When performing an engine tune up, the necessary supplies needed will be:

  • spark plugs
  • lubricant grease
  • transmission additive
  • socket
  • distributor tune up kit
  • feeler gauge
  • spark plug tune up kit
  • the owners manual from the car, in case you need to refer back to it in the event you don't know what you need for your car
  1. Start by replacing your spark plugs. Remove the cables from the spark plug and using a socket wrench, loosen the plug from its hole. 
  2. Using the feeler gauge, set the place in which the new plugs are to fall
  3. Once the plugs have been removed, inspect the wires that connect them to each other. When removing the plugs and wires, do each of them one at a time so that there is no chance of a mix up.
  4. Now that you have replaced the spark plugs, take and reconnect the wires to the plugs and tighten them using the wrench to do this. Be careful not to put too much torque on the plugs or you might strip or break them . 
  5. If you are looking at your wires and you see that they would actually benefit from being replaced, then start removing them one by one. 
  6. When removing the wires, select them one by one. This is so that the order in which they feed electricity to the plug won't be mixed up. 
  7. Your distributor cap should match up with all of your wires. 
  8. The final step in your engine tune up is to add a cleaner to your gas tank. Sometimes, the difference in a good tune up is the additive that will be released into the engine afterwards. 
  9. Since you have your engine open, now is the time to check on frayed belts and worn parts just to see what you're possibly going to be looking at later on. 

Now that you have successfully managed to perform a tune up, you should be able to avoid overpaying an automotive place to do the same thing you just did. By learning to take over these small maintenance problems, you can save yourself quite a bit of money.  

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